My Approach

I approach yoga & coaching with the same basic premise:  I’m here to help you discover that you are WHOLE.  You do not need to add anything in order to be happy.   I’m not here to sell you a quick fix.  I’m here to give you real, tangible tools that can help you to uncover your authentic self.    This is a journey, back to your original wholeness.  I’m so thrilled to be your guide & support as you discover (uncover) the truth of YOU.

My story

I’m on this journey with you!  I began teaching yoga in 2010 after taking an immersive 300 teacher training program at Bodhi Tree Yoga in Regina.   Since then I have taught yoga almost everywhere in Regina, and opened a small studio in Indian Head.   I really dove into the AMAZING world view of Tantra last year when I was leading a 200 hour teacher training program.  Wanting to facilitate a deeper understanding for my students, I opened Georg Feuerstein’s book “Tantra, The Path of Ecstasy” and I was hooked.   Not long after I discovered Layla Martin and enrolled in her comprehensive 600 hour Sex, Love and Relationship Coaching program.  This website is the hub for my Goddess Within Yoga & Mindful Intimacy coaching services & blog.   My passion is tantra, my tool is yoga, my outcome is PLEASURE!


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