Looking for clarity?

Do you feel fed up with falling into the same old patterns over and over again and  feeling like you never truly ever get ahead in life?

Are you ready for a change?

I can help you.

Join me for a delicious session of coaching & Access Bars followed by a card reading.  This is a wonderful way to treat yourself to some relaxation, while also gaining some clarity on what you can do to move toward a life that is full of ease & joy.

We will start with a short clarity coaching session.   I'll ask you some questions and we will identify your Core Desires using Layla Martin's proprietary Rapid Life Transformation Coaching System combined with key questions found in Danielle Laporte's Desire Map 1:1 Coaching Program.

Sometimes clarity is all you need to go after what you truly want in life.

After you feel clear on what you want, we will lay some of the foundation for getting it and the best part about this is that you'll get to lay back and relax for 45 minutes while I start you on the path toward achieving your desires.

When we are done your Access Bars session, I'll pull some cards for you and offer you some suggestions for moving forward with what you learned during our time together.

I'll send you on your way feeling refreshed, clear and ready to take your next step forward toward achieving your dreams.