The Goddess Within – Coaching Package

I am so exited to share this with you! When I put together the “Goddess Within” workshops, I knew that this information was EPIC, and TRANSFORMATIONAL.

I knew that something big was starting to happen for me and for the women I was sharing this work with.

The Goddess Within method shows women how to access deeper pleasure, reduce stress, and live more authentically through ritual, radical self care practices and a willingness to love herself unconditionally.   This work shows women how to give from FULLNESS instead of DEPLETION.   It is truly a breath of fresh air for women who feel too busy, too stressed, anxious, or numb due to external pressures on their time & energy.

The Goddess Within workshops are just the beginning. They set the foundation for deeper, more integrated work.

I am ready to go deeper with you.

If you would like to experience more pleasure in your life, tap into your limitless creative potential & power, learn effective healthy stress management tools, access more “flow” in your life, improve your relationships, and access a deeper sense of self love & acceptance, this package is for you.

Whatever part of the journey toward discovering your best self you are on, this package will meet you exactly where you are, without any judgement and with love, acceptance & celebration!  I’ll show you how you’ve already got everything you need to live authentically in each & every moment.   When you are living in line with your truth, you’ll be able to allow more pleasure; you will feel happier, feel more in control and be better able to manage all of life’s amazing ups & downs.

In this 3 session package, I will offer you my BEST Goddess tools and teach you how to integrate them in a way that feels effortless, pleasurable and effective.

Session 1
Get to know you
Celebrations, Clearings & Desires
Tantra 101
Go & Flow – Which one are you?
Tool #1 – Breathe
Homework Assignment

Session 2
Celebrations, Clearings & Desires
Accountability Process & Seamless Integration
Ritual, not Routine
Tool #2 – Feel
Homework Assignment

Session 3
Celebrations, Clearings & Desires
Accountability Process & Seamless Integration
Tool #3 – Relax
Homework & Summary
Suggestions for ongoing support


Integration is easier with support.  

This is why I’m also including several hours of FREE bonus material for you to work with in between our sessions! At the end of each coaching call, I’ll send you an email that will give you access to audio and video recordings that will help you to integrate the tools I give you seamlessly into your life.

You’ll have access to the audio & video recordings forever.  They are yours to keep.   

I want you to know that I am here for you.

In addition to the bonus recordings,  I am also including 2 FREE 10 minute optional check ins. These calls are for those moments of inspiration, or celebration that come up between our scheduled sessions. They can also be used to move through any clearings that arise for you as you work with the material each week. I’m just an email away, and I will do my best to contact you right away if you decide you need to utilize one of your free BONUS  sessions.

I am also in the process of building a Sisterhood Network on Facebook. This will be a group of supportive women that you can lean on for daily Celebrations, Clearings & Desires or for any time you are feeling the need for additional support as you work through your coaching sessions. You will be among the first to arrive in this community, and it is my DESIRE to see it grow!

Are you ready to DIVE in? Are you ready to UNLEASH YOUR Goddess Within?

This is what the women who have started this journey with me have to say about the Goddess Within method:

“A wonderfully insightful opportunity to access my inner Goddess through yoga, tantra, and the power of sisterhood” – Jill

“The Goddess work starts with bringing together strangers and ends with a sisterhood & belonging” – Rebecca

“Robin’s Goddess work is raw, deep and honest. She provides safe space and support, and inspires women to strip away their layers to uncover their authentic, sexy spirit” – Tanya

Investment: $495 + GST
Payments are to be made in 3 equal instalments of $165 due before each call. *

Pay in FULL and SAVE $45!

Pay in Full Investment: $450 + GST
Full payment is due before our first coaching session.*


*24 hours notice is required for cancellations.  Late cancellations will be charged a nominal fee up to and including the full price of the session ($165).