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A coaching program for women who want to feel alive again. 

Take a deep breath. 

You're here.  

You can relax now.

 I know you work hard and I know you give tirelessly to your purpose,

and you are exhausted.

You've already decided that are here to live boldly.  You know you've got a gift to share and more than anything you would love to figure out how to share it without feeling like it's draining your life energy.  

You feel worried that if you don't get things into balance soon, you'll have to give up on your dreams. 

Just over a year ago, I felt this way. I was   burned out, tired, & disillusioned.  I was a full time yoga teacher and I felt bored with teaching, in fact I was bored with the whole idea of yoga.  The thought of planning another class felt like a 20 pound sandbag in the centre of my chest.  

My students were thriving, but I wasn't. What once felt like a dream career was feeling less than dreamy.   It was feeling like work.  All of my ideas felt stagnant and I was running out of passion for my life's passion.   It was only a matter of time before this trickled out to my students, and that would have meant career death for me. 

For the first five years of my yoga teaching career, I gave massive amounts of energy to my creative ideas, my passion, my students, my studio.  Eventually, I found myself depleted with nothing left for myself, my relationship or my family.    

My soul wanted more passion, more joy, more pleasure in all areas of my life.  The burnout I was feeling was my soul calling me into a new way. 

All I wanted was to feel good, and have the energy I needed to work and do the things I enjoy as well (like spending time with my family & friends, or simply just relaxing!)

I wanted my whole body to tingle with the JOYFUL pleasures of LIVING again!!  

I knew something needed to change, and I began to seek out tools that I could use to feel good again.  I discovered that I could heal my burnout by awakening sexual pleasure in my body and I used this pleasure to nourish myself while I learned how to slow down my body and mind so that I could feel good again.   

A year later, I LOVE teaching yoga more than ever, and there is a new found clarity and power in my teaching that feels palpable to both myself and my students.  

Best of all, I know how I most want to feel, and I know what to do to feel that way. 

I've healed.  I've transformed.  I've returned home to my soul qualities of pleasure, joy, goodness, gratitude, strength, authenticity and bliss.  

You can do this too.  

I want to help you to become who you've always known yourself to be: to give you complete permission to be YOU.  

I want you to let your soul's purpose shine effortlessly and pleasurably!  

No more striving, no more searching, no more gimmicks.   No more burnout. 

If you are ready to start this journey, I'd love to have a conversation with you.  

Take a moment and fill out my application form and then we can sit down together and have a good heart to heart about your deepest desires, your big dreams, and what's holding you back from living your life authentically from this moment on. (when's the last time you've done that?)

Ready for a change?

I'm inviting you to take a few moments to fill out my application form so we that we can plan to have a deep, heart to heart conversation about YOU and your life very very soon.

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