The Empowered Goddess is a woman who is in tune with herself.  

She is authentic.

She is powerful.


She FEELS deeply.

She knows when to stand in her power, and when to surrender fully.

She’s SEXY.

She is willing to go deep, work hard, play hard, laugh, cry, rage, but, most importantly - she LOVES.  

Each moment is LOVE.


And the best part about the Empowered Goddess is that when she realizes her power, she also realizes that she has always been this way.  She didn’t have to add anything, she didn’t have to take a special supplement, or lose 25 lbs, or drink green juice, or go to the gym, or get into that yoga pose.  

Discovering the Empowered Goddess feels like going home. 

And I want to walk with you on that journey.

I want to show you the way HOME.

Do you want...

YES!!! I Desire to be an EMPOWERED GODDESS!

Contact me to see if The Empowered Goddess Coaching is for you.

This work is based around the Four Elements of Goddess Awakening

BREATHE - The Wind Element

FEEL - The Water Element

MOVE - The Fire Element 

RELAX - The Earth Element

In our sessions you will learn powerful practices, rooted in these four elements, that will help you to:

connect with the present moment

calm your mind

awaken your ability to feel pleasure

manage difficult emotions

lower anxiety

create and maintain healthy boundaries

open yourself to abundance

tap into your creativity

sensitize to your authentic expression of emotions

feel others deeply

tune into your body’s amazing ability to feel GOOD


stand in your power

let go

fall madly in love with....


Our coaching sessions will be geared toward getting what YOU desire most.

On our first call, we will get CLEAR.

Our subsequent calls will be about turning your vision into reality. I’ll offer you support & love along with life changing practices that will help you to see that.

She was in you all along.


No Gimmicks.   Just YOU.


Single Session - 75 minutes 

In this single session, we will get clear on your desires.  In 75 minutes, I will offer you meaningful support to get started on your journey toward  empowerment.  Sometimes clarity is all it takes.

Investment: $250

2 Session Package 


60 minute Clarity Session

60 minute Empowered Goddess Principles Session with targeted practices for YOU.

Access to BONUS audio & video recordings for use at home.

Unlimited Email Support

Investment: $300

6  Session Package 

60 minute Clarity Session

60 minute Empowered Goddess Principles Session with targeted practices for YOU.

4 more (2/month) 60 minute Sessions with a laser focus on your DESIRES.

Access to BONUS online audio & video recordings

Unlimited Email support


Single Payment Option: $725

 Payment Options Available 

I’m saying YES to me!

Contact me to apply for coaching