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Become a THRIVING Yoga Instructor and design a life where your passions can shine! 

What would it take for you to thrive? 

Join me in July for a FREE, online live workshop where you'll learn how to move from being a curious seeker, and student of yoga to owning and running your own thriving yoga studio.  Turning your passion into your career.  You'll learn what amazing experiences you should seek out, and the bigger pitfalls that most yoga studios and instructors fall prey to.   

You'll learn:

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I am so excited to share this workshop THREE times in July!  The information I am going to teach is near and dear to my heart and comes from my own personal experience in learning & teaching yoga, and then opening my own studio in 2014.  I love sharing this game changing information and am looking forward to connecting with you!

~ Robin Hilton Bowden, Owner & Head Instructor at Surya Yoga & Integrated Love and Desire Coach

Join us in July!

You will have THREE opportunities to catch this workshop LIVE in July!

July 5th @ 9pm

July 12th @ 1pm

July 19th @ 7pm



July 21 @ 4pm

July 24 @ 2pm

July 26th @ 8pm