Three things you need to look for when considering taking a yoga teacher training.

3 Things to look for

Have you ever wondered why some yoga classes feel more magical than others?  

When you are in classes like this, it is as though time stands still and all that exists is the movement, your breath & the voice of the teacher guiding you.   All of your thoughts soften as you become transfixed by the flow of your practice.   

How is is that some teachers are able to (seemingly effortlessly) create this kind of experience for their students?  What sets them apart as an expert guide and leader for your yoga practice?

One of the key pieces a good yoga teacher has in their teaching toolbox is a solid understanding of the practical aspect of guiding students through the postures.  This goes a long way in creating confidence and ease while teaching. Learning how to do this is at the forefront of most trainings, and for good reason!

I have come to realize that practical knowledge alone is not the only ingredient in the secret sauce of an exceptional yoga instructor...

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Robin Hilton Bowden is a passionate teacher of the keeping-it-real type of yoga enthusiast.   She loves to inspire others into their own authenticity and loves to do this with humour, intensity and pure joy.  Robin loves full moons, rock and roll music, triangle pose, and wild passion. She insists that her students to grow first and foremost as human beings because, the postures are secondary to the true magic of yoga.

Robin is also a Desire Map & Fire Starter Sessions Facilitator and is currently training with Layla Martin to become an Integrated Sex, Love & Relationship Coach.

Robin has a 200hr Intensive Yoga Teacher Training Program happening THIS August at her studio in Indian Head, Sk.   Find out more here. 

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