Searching for a Guru….

"You are the the Guru" ~ Danielle Laporte, White Hot Truth

I've been thinking a lot about this lately. About how we disempower ourselves too easily, how we hand our power over to people who tell us they have the ability to make us feel happy. We're told we can be "healed" and we're sold products, services, and magical solutions to placate our deep inner soul's cry for awakening.

Danielle Laporte writes about this beautifully in her book, White Hot Truth. She speaks to our desire of having someone "see" us in our pain and offer their healing power to our hungry souls. We hang our hopes on yoga teachers, energy workers, crystal healers, and all other manner of gurus (guri?). It seems that if they wear the right clothes, speak in the right tone, and offer a nugget of profound sounding wisdom - we are happy to hand over our money (and our power) for the opportunity to catch just a glimpse of the freedom we are being promised.

Danielle writes about this disempowerment while also referencing the Hindu age of spiritual decline (which we are currently experiencing) called the Kali Yuga. She writes, ".. with this darkness comes a proliferation of False Prophets. Energy suckers and money takers. Fakers. This has been picking up speed for centuries, but in a very recent times, thanks to the internet and Photoshop, and some basic business skills, anybody can be well-branded and accumulate a lot of followers in their ashrams and on their Facebook pages. They are certified, sometimes very talented, and appear to know what they're talking about. They come in all denominations and domain names."

She continues on to offer advice on how to tell a poser from a true healer.

"Listen for the real story. True teachers freely share their backstory, you won't have to go digging for it. They will speak honestly and frequently of their personal, genuine pain - a pain that is both isolating and very much connected to their Love of humanity. And they will speak modestly and reverently of the gifts that came with their struggle and search. They are not simply reorganizing other people's ideas into a new, shiny package and shouting about it. They took their own path to inner knowing and found the Universal within.... They aren't preaching: they are practicing"

For me - the truth is in the authenticity. It's in the willingness to be real. To recognize the individual journey we all find ourselves taking, and to create enough spaciousness for that journey to unfold in exactly the way it was meant to be.

Beware when someone tells you that they have the solution to your pain.

That THEY and only they hold the key.

If you take this supplement - you'll be magically thin.

If you do this course - you'll be magically happy.

If you move this way - you'll be magically fit.

(because the truth is that YOU and only YOU hold that key)

"Your breakthroughs have more to do with your own power than that of the expert or guru" ~ Danielle Laporte

I've had some incredible breakthroughs over the past six months studying with Layla Martin - who, in my opinion is the epitome of an authentic teacher. Her backstory is not a secret and her sharing is always from a humble place of integrity and gratitude. She has allowed our journeys to be uniquely our own from day 1, never taking credit for our personal transformation. As a result, I've seen some pretty mind expanding transformation take place among the 165 women in the program, including my own.

A few things I've learned so far:

1. Sisterhood is powerful, healing, triggering as fuck, and desperately needed.

2. Until I recognized my own body shame & how I continually acted with un-love towards myself as a result, I would not be able to see my body shape or size reflected as beautiful within my external environment. Once, I noticed how I was being unloving towards myself, I began to experience deeper love for my body and began seeing that reflected around me as well. I've been seeing a lot of media images of bodies that look like mine lately, something that I had often complained about never seeing until I had this realization.

3. Coaching is a badass profession, because a good coach isn't in their client's life meddling away and fixing all the problems. A really fantastic coach holds a container and a strong vision for personal growth and transformation that is totally SELF generated by the client. It's magical. (really)

4. I want to teach yoga differently, I AM teaching yoga differently. It is my deepest desire to facilitate training programs that teach people to teach yoga authentically and from the heart. When yoga comes from the heart, it carries a resonance that presents opportunities for practitioners to become more consciously aware of themselves, their bodies, their emotions, and their experiences. Freedom to be authentically yourself is a big deal in my world. Phoney baloney yoga speak, platitudes, and poser-ism is not going to transform consciousness, no matter how much it LOOKS like it might from the outside.

5. Conscious awareness drives personal & planetary evolution. The Universe is ever expanding. The very nature of life is to expand and grow. Once we bring awareness to this truth, we are empowered to navigate our personal growth knowing that the experiences that come our way are all opportunities for deeper transformation in service of our evolution. Hint: NOBODY can hold awareness for you. That's an inside job.

As I move into the next module of Layla Martin's Integrated Sex, Love & Relationship Coaching program, we leave the personal transformation behind to learn the nuts and bolts of running an online business. Big shifts in focus with a lot of excitement from the group! We're READY to present this work to the world now! YESS!!!

I'm super excited to have my first Love & Desire coaching package posted on my website. It's rooted in my passion for supporting teachers, guides, creatives, intuitives, light workers, and empaths in stepping off the hamster wheel of self improvement and disempowerment. It's about reclaiming personal power and stepping INTO authenticity. It's about feeling how you want to feel and knowing what you can do to feel that way. Check out the package and apply to be one of my FIRST clients if it resonates for you.

My first coaching package is an offshoot of my upcoming 200 hour yoga teacher training program, Inspiring Authenticity, happening this summer at the studio. I know not everyone is looking to take a yoga teacher training but perhaps you've wanted to jump into my training because such a big part of it is about finding your authentic voice. If that feels like you, I encourage you to check out the Coaching program as an alternative to a full 200 hour training. If you are thinking you'd definitely like to do the teacher training, check it out here.

Either way. Coaching or training. Let's connect soon. I'll be going live on Facebook almost every day this month to chat about this stuff, I'll also be teaching three FREE live online workshops that you can check out for more information. Click here to register for the online workshop.

If you're more the, "I just want to go to a yoga class and soak in the vibes" type make sure you join me at Katepwa Beach this July! I've got a FABULOUS month planned with four classes happening each week! I even ordered myself a sound system so you don't have to listen to me yelling over the ambient nature sounds (and the odd weed whipper) - you'll get to hear my soft relaxing voice instead! PLUS, this year I am planning more fun, more water, more play, more bliss, more feeling, more nature loving awesomeness! You can register for beach classes on my website, or just show up for class. Check out the schedule here.

If you are looking for some indoor flow - we are continuing the Tuesday night flow class at the studio for the month of July. $10/class and you can also register for that online or simply just drop in. We have lots of room for you & your friends!

I'll also be teaching at Argyle Park Community centre in Regina through July at 7pm on Monday nights. Drop in or register for the full session. The classes will be a gentle flow for all levels.

Summer is here... and I think it's going to be EPIC! I hope we connect this summer, and I look forward to sharing more of my journey as I move into the second half of my year long training program with Layla.

I also want to say, without rushing summer... we do have some EPIC things planned for fall. I know, I know. Let's just enjoy the summer but you can keep September 5th open for an Ecstatic Dance, Cacao Ceremony & Gong Soundscape (yeah, you read that right!!!), September 23,24 open for a Reiki Level 1 & 2 training and rumour has it, Krista from Alexandra Bead House is planning a bracelet making class for us in September too!

By the way, if you are still wondering where you'll find a good guru, the answer to that is simple. Get quiet, and you'll hear the wisdom from the only guru you can really trust. Yourself.

Here's a super simple meditation practice you can use to get to the quiet space of inner listening.

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