I want to do an experiment with you....

I have been working hard to clear myself in terms of creating profound shifts around making, saving, and being conscious around money.

I am finding this work is opening doorways to discovering so so much about myself.

I can’t keep this amazing process to myself.

Do you:

Want to clear shame, guilt, worry about money?

Want to create a spaciousness in your life to earn more money?

Want to learn how to save money, pay off debt, and create more abundance in your life?

Have belief systems that will always keep you playing small around money?

Want to establish clear boundaries and have an amazing balance between the way you earn money and time with your family, friends, loved ones, and most importantly: for yourself?

Want to participate in a supportive sisterhood circle that can help you achieve your money goals, help you improve your relationship to money, and help you become creative, without the stress about how you earn money?

I am inviting anyone who wants to improve their relationship with money (and ultimately, with themselves) to join me.

Totally free. I’ll facilitate.

This is as much about my accountability to this work as it is about me supporting you through this process.

I have a toolbox of powerful practices that we can draw upon to help you heal your relationship to money!

Our relationship with money contains more fear & shame than sexuality in many cases...

Behind any sort of blockage, or fear, is an amazing fountain of energy just waiting for you to tap into it!

I’ve found my work with money has cleared as much, and in some cases, MORE than my work with my sexuality.

It’s a powerful process!

In person sisterhood circles or online options are available!  I encourage you to purchase Kate Northrup’s book, “Money, A Love Story” as we will be working through some of her practices.   I also encourage you to check out her “Do Less Experiment”.

YES!!! I want in!

Sign up today, we will start in Mid January!