Showing up & Loving YOU. Mess & all.

So, I’ve been playing with this Goddess work for a few months now. It’s powerful stuff. The word  GODDESS evokes thrilling imagery for me.

Empowered, present, sexy, passionate, embodied, surrendered, open, ALIVE.

I DESIRE to be the Goddess that I know myself to be!

Being a Goddess FEELS amazing.

When I feel like a Goddess, I feel on top of my game.

I feel in touch with my body, my emotions, my sensuality. I feel connected, turned on, and nailing it at life 100%.

I get shit done. The laundry gets folded. Supper is on the table. The bills are paid.

My relationship is satisfying and exciting.

My kids are cooperative & enjoyable.

I feel comfortable in my skin.

I go outside. I eat well. I practice yoga more often.

When I envisioned the Goddess work, I imagined it to be about taking women to this magical place of GODDESS awesomeness. And keeping them there.

And it totally works.

Every time I teach women the Goddess work - we all leave feeling like we TOTALLY have this Goddess thing cased.

Then... we arrive back at life. And realize, our Goddess bubble is going to pop in the most spectacular of ways.

This is when you have to show up. FOR YOU.

But, even more importantly you have to show up, AS YOU.

As I moved more and more deeply into the Goddess work, I realized something.

Every layer of inquiry that I took on, revealed another subsequent layer of inquiry lying underneath.

As I felt better in my body sexually, I began to follow my desires more fully. As I followed my desires, I realized that I didn’t have the income base to do everything I wanted to. As I dove into my money story, I realized a deeper level of self love could be found by looking at how I’ve neglected this aspect of my life. As I felt more confident in my value, I opened myself to the possibility of true abundance in my life. That made me want to overhaul my closet (truth - the path to being a Goddess might not take the direction you’d imagine it to!). As I dove into looking at my closet situation, it dawned on me:

I’m so effing MESSY!

And so, was born.

Messy Girl is about being me. About showing up FOR ME, AS ME. It’s about exposing those parts of myself that are totally messy, and loving them madly and deeply. This felt more real to me. Truer.

The Goddess Work is a huge part of this, and for many women simply learning how to breathe, feel, and relax is all they need to feel like the Goddesses they are in any given moment.

And for some of us. It’s a little messier. Sometimes we have multiple layers of patterning that we need to wade through. And messy girl is about loving yourself 100% through the process. Messy Girls are 100% Goddesses, that’s the truth... it’s just a little more complicated to FEEL that way because there’s other stuff going on too.

Stuff like:

* low self esteem
* poor body image
* disorganization
* debt
* unmanaged stress
* low libido
* anxiety or depression

... and so much more.

This is about helping women who feel like somewhere along the way, they totally messed things up. Now they know that what they truly DESIRE is to feel GOOD.


Messy Girls show up for themselves. They are willing to dig deep, because why not? What have we got to lose? Getting messy is our calling card in life - so LETS DO IT!

You might see yourself in the description above. I believe we all have a little bit of messy in us.

Messy Girl will evolve over time. But, right now it’s about showing up, and doubling down on YOU.

The reality is... sometimes we feel like a Goddess, and sometimes we don’t.

When we don’t, we can take a bit more time digging in to uncover what is preventing us from feeling the way we want to feel. Changing what we desire to change, and loving the crap out of the rest.

Messy Girl is about continually orienting toward the positive. Continually returning to the Goddess Tools, continually SHOWING UP FOR YOURSELF.

I know that inside all that mess is: creativity, love, pleasure, ease, and massive amounts of life force energy just waiting for you to tap in.  How can you NOT love all of that??

What are some ways you can show up for yourself?

As always, Breathe. Breathing brings you into the present moment and allows you to get in touch with what is happening now. We are story tellers, and sometimes our stories are self defeating or even downright mean. When you find yourself telling a self sabotaging story - take a moment, get quiet, and breathe deeply. Focus on the experience of breathing and remind yourself that you are here for you. One breath at a time.

Feel. Notice when something doesn’t feel right. When you are asked to do something, or you are in a conversation with someone. Tune into yourself, and notice if you are feeling a sense of contraction or a sense of expansion. Contraction indicates that you are not in line with yourself in some way. If you feel expansion you know you are on the right track. Stay in touch with your emotions, and your bodily sensations (yoga is a wonderful tool for building this ability) in order to be able to show up for yourself when you are faced with a decision.

Relax. Showing up for yourself means making sure that you take the time to relax. You don’t have to do it all. You don’t have to be perfect. When you feel stress coming up, or you feel disconnected from your Goddess self - this is your cue to relax. Take a bath, dance, go to a restorative yoga class (psst. my friend Tanya’s classes at Every Day Sacred in Regina would be PERFECT for this), listen to your favorite song, go outside for a walk, pop some popcorn, brew some tea and cuddle under a cozy blanket and watch a movie or read a good book.

And when these tools feel tough, when you feel disconnected, when you realize that you’ve got another layer of inquiry to bust through... I’m here for you. Because... I totally get it. #embraceyourmess

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