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I’m so excited to announce that registration is officially open for the Empowered Goddess Series online!  

The Empowered Goddess is a woman who is in tune with herself.

She is authentic.

She is powerful.


She FEELS deeply.

She knows when to stand in her power, and when to surrender fully.

She’s SEXY.

She is willing to go deep, work hard, play hard, laugh, cry, rage, but most importantly, she LOVES.

Each moment is love.


This online course is designed for women who would like to step into their Goddess POWER.

Are you a woman who wants to connect more deeply with yourself?

Do you want to learn how to establish better boundaries in your life, so you have more time for exquisite self care & the things you most enjoy doing?

Do you desire to feel more creative, or expand & enhance the creativity you already have?

Do you want to learn how to manage stress more effectively?

Do you want to feel more in the flow of life?  

Do you want your life to be in synch with your values so that you are feeling the way you want to feel?

Do you wish you could even just decide HOW you want to feel?  Or what is truly important to you?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, then the time is now to begin your Goddess Awakening!

Join me on March 14th for the Empowered Goddess Series ONLINE!

We will meet for 4 consecutive Tuesday nights to learn how you can use the 4 Elements of Goddess Awakening in really practical, simple, easy to implement ways allowing you to feel your authentic inner Goddess radiating!

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Sign up for this course TODAY and enjoy the special EARLY bird pricing of $75.   This price goes up to $100 on March 11th!

The Empowered Goddess Series ONLINE is a four week program. 

Each week we will meet for a 60 minute webinar where I will tell you about the Element of Goddess Awakening we are going to focus on for the week and then I will answer your questions about the practices.  

Week ONE || BREATHE || The Earth Element 

Week TWO || FEEL || The Water Element

Week THREE || MOVE || The Fire Element 

Week FOUR || RELAX || The Earth Element 

Each week will include a series of practices based upon the element that will help you to: 

connect with the present moment 

calm your mind

awaken and enhance your ability to feel pleasure 

manage difficult emotions 

lower anxiety

create and maintain healthy boundaries

open yourself to abundance 

tap into your creative potential

sensitize to your authentic expression of emotions

feel others deeply

tune into your body’s amazing ability to feel GOOD


stand in your power

let go

fall madly in love with....


Webinar Sessions are on TUESDAYS at 7pm CST.  

(don’t worry if you have to miss or are unable to make all of our live webinar calls, I will be recording them and they will be available for you to view at your leisure)

I am using a software program called Crowdcast.  This is amazing webinar software that allows you to join us from your cellphone or computer anywhere you have an internet connection.   Directions for joining the webinar will be emailed to you when you register for the program. 

There will also be weekly emails and a Sisterhood community as well. The Sisterhood community will be an online Facebook Community of women who are either taking this course online or in person.   

Sisterhood is  the heart of this program. 

Sisterhood is our sharing space, our space of unconditional love & acceptance and it provides the support we need to THRIVE in this work.   

When you register, you’ll be sent a link to immediately join our Facebook Sisterhood community!   I can hardly wait to interact with you there!  

I’m here to offer you support, love and encouragement all throughout this course.  You may add comments to any of the course pages  or tag me in the Facebook group and I will make sure I respond to you there.   You may answer questions via the weekly webinars or send me email questions anytime.


I’m saying YES!

Say YES to THRIVING! Say YES to YOU!  Say YES to Awakening your Goddess Power!

v.I.G. Add on

Sometimes we need just a little bit (or maybe a lot) of extra support during courses like this. 

That is why I am also offering a special Very Important Goddess (and aren’t we all very important?) add on option. 

Add on 4  - 60 Minute Private Empowered Goddess Coaching Sessions 


Add on 2 - 60 Minute Private Empowered Goddess Coaching Sessions


Add on 1 - 60 Minute Private Empowered Goddess Coaching Session


These private sessions are for enhancing your personal experience and growth potential during the online course!  

When you book into the VIG program, you’ll receive a FREE 15 minute DISCOVERY coaching call where we will determine what additional support I can provide for you during the four weeks of the program.

Additional Coaching spots are limited, so please book in ASAP to hold your spot.  I will contact you directly to arrange a specific date and time for our Discovery & subsequent call(s).  

This is an amazing way to get the MOST out of the Empowered Goddess Series ONLINE.  You will have access to more practices, more teachings and more support if you opt to join our VIG program!  


Because, aren’t we ALL V.I.G.?

I am so excited to bring you this ONLINE version of my popular Empowered Goddess Series classes.   

I have been teaching yoga for over 6 years and am currently studying with Layla Martin at the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality.   

Since finishing my Women’s Studies degree at the  University of Calgary in 1998, I have been looking for an outlet to begin exploring women’s spaces, women’s experiences, sexuality, sensuality, emotion & lifestyle with the intention of facilitating empowerment and growth for both the participants in the program and myself. 

This course is a combination of my passion and deep understanding of the yoga tradition, my dream of creating powerful spaces for women to heal, grow & love, and my study of Tantra with Layla Martin. 

Each week will include a yoga practice video, a detailed video explaining the practices for the week, and audio recordings for all of the practices.   This will allow you to work at your own pace with the material, and enjoy the entire course from the comfort of your own home!   

I am looking forward to reaching more women with this work by offering this online opportunity!  This is my first online course, and it continues to be a learning and growth experience for me!  I can hardly wait to continue working with this material, growing it and improving it for you. 

It is my promise to you that there will always be some variation of this work available for you to use for your practices online.   I will bring those of you who jumped in with two feet to share this adventure with me along for the ENTIRE ride, making sure you always have access to this course in whatever form it takes.   This material becomes yours when you decide to start doing this work with me.   I am doing this for YOU.

Join me on March 14th as we begin our journey together.   The Empowered Goddess Series ONLINE is going to be EPIC!

Say YES to YOU!  

Feel how you WANT to FEEL! 

Your minimal investment in this program is $100, which will grandmother you in to all future incarnations of this work as it grows and evolves in the years to come.


YES!!! I am so IN!!!

I am saying YES to the EMPOWERED GODDESS that I am.

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