What does a day in the life of a Surya Yoga teacher trainee look like?

The Universe cannot resist authenticity-2

"The Universe cannot resist authenticity" - Danielle Laporte.

Yesterday, I spent the day working on the detailed Syllabus for the upcoming 200 hour teacher training happening in August. As I finished, I popped onto Instagram for a peek and this quote was on my feed. I thought, "How perfect". I spent my afternoon immersed in creating a program that is truly about honouring the authentic self in a really powerful way and seeing this quote in that moment let me know that I was on the exact right path.

This training has become more than just another 200 hour yoga teacher training program. Woven through the key elements of any teacher training program is a thread of self discovery, wisdom and joyfulness that I am getting more and more excited to share.

This morning, I sat in my studio, lit a candle and visualized myself teaching this program to 10 amazing Beings. I saw smiling faces and sparkling eyes lit up with excitement, I heard laughter and genuine conversation, I felt the warmth of a hug and a deep sense of gratitude, I could taste the delicious tea we were all drinking and I could smell the earthy notes of palo santo wood burning. I felt into this reality and worked through a process of embodied manifestation in each of my chakras, sending my vision out to the Universe to collect the 5 remaining souls who were destined to join us on this journey. As I let the energy of my vision float back into my body, I considered my next action step in gathering this bad ass teacher training posse together.

I decided that I needed to share a Day in the Life of our training with you. I want you to sit quietly and imagine yourself in this vision with me, and if it feels like the right fit, you will know and you can send in your application form right away!

Take a moment and give this audio a listen, it'll describe one of the days I have planned for Inspiring Authenticity. When you listen, light a candle, put on a couple drops of your favourite essential oil or burn some incense and imagine yourself living this day. Feel into it. You'll know when it's over if you are one of our remaining 5 spots.

Ready to find out more?

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