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Whole Child Yoga Teacher Training

This 20 hour yoga teacher training program is specifically geared toward empowering adults to share the practice of yoga with young children and youth.

Yoga has proven time and time again to be a powerful practice that can help children (and adults) to: 

 improve focus and concentration,

reduce stress,

calm nerves,

promote whole body healing and transformation,

strengthen the body,

improve mobility,

promote deep states of relaxation and feelings of inner peace and happiness.

Yoga is an ancient tradition that has adapted beautifully to our modern westernized culture. It is an opportunity to slow down, breathe and connect with oneself.

Children can benefit greatly from bringing these tools into their life at a young age.

Yoga in schools has been shown to improve children's ability to focus on their school work, resolve conflict more peacefully, improve behaviour, improve self esteem and overall wellness and to help manage their day to day stress.

My approach to yoga is based on exploring the body through the 4 elements.

Wind is the breath, Water is emotion & sensation, Fire is movement, and Earth is relaxation.

Each of these four elements work together to create a holistic healing in mind, body & soul.

In this 20 hour training, participants will learn:

the basics of yoga history and philosophy

basic alignment of the most common yoga poses

how to teach yoga to various ages of children,

a variety of sequences for children,

how to guide a yoga nidra (yogic sleep) practice to encourage deep relaxation

how to guide children in breathing exercises that can help manage stress, improve focus and concentration or tap into a child’s inner power

the best meditation practices for children and how to teach them

the anatomy of the brain and how yoga is an effective stress management tool

trauma sensitivity in teaching yoga

Participants do not need to have any prior experience with yoga, simply just an interest in guiding children in this practice while also learning how to manage their own stress and cultivate more relaxation in their own lives.

The program includes 20 hours of instruction (done over 2 weekends 5 hours per day), handouts, sequence drawings, scripts, and support for all participants as they begin working with the children in their community.

You will also receive access to a special web portal where you can view videos, listen to sound recordings, and find sequencing, scripting & class plan ideas.

Attend the webinar sessions live or watch the replay - or do a mix of both!!

Upon completing an online quiz & submitting your practicum completion letter you will receive a certificate for completing this program.

Dates: May 13, 14 & June 3 & 4
Time: 9am - 3pm (from the comfort of your home!)
Cost: $250 + GST

Recommended Reading:
Little Flower Yoga for Kids by Jennifer Cohen Harper

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I’ve been teaching yoga for almost 7 years and began with teaching classes to children.   Over the years, I’ve spent several hours teaching and developing yoga programming for children of all ages.   This program is the result of my extensive experience teaching yoga to children and is a simple and fun way of sharing this practice that is engaging and accessible to anyone.  I want anybody who works with or spends a lot of time with children to be able to share this practice with them without having to take a full teacher training program.   Of course, if you want a full 200 hour program, I can support you with that as well.