I’ve been teaching yoga for over six years and over those six years, the way I approach teaching & practice has evolved immensely. Heavily influenced by Leslie Kaminoff’s belief that, “Asanas don’t have alignment, people do” - I approach your practice keeping YOU in mind. I’m not interested in making your body FIT into a particular pose, I want to fit the postures, the movement, the breath into your body.


Yoga is best when it is one on one.  Private yoga honours the individual who is learning.  This allows for targeted, effective, safe and meaningful practice.   Traditionally, this is how yoga was taught - as a transmission from guru to student.  

Our private session will begin with a consultation.   I want to get to know you.  

What are you looking for in your practice?  

What does yoga mean to you? 

What is the best way to facilitate a home practice that fits into your lifestyle? 

Then we will create a practice together.   The beauty of this practice is that it will be specifically tailored to you.  For your needs, goals, desires & ability.  

Once we have worked together on the practice and you feel confident with the postures, you will be sent home with some easy homework until I send you a recap via email with details of your home practice.   

We can meet as often as you would like.  From once a year to once a week.   That choice is up to you.  

This is YOUR practice.  

I’m here to facilitate you in making it the BEST yoga for YOU. 

 Practicing yoga will teach you how to effectively:




(my Goddess Tools for Pleasure)


 I can hardly wait to share yoga with you!


$100/ 75 minute lesson

$125/ 60 minute group lesson