How to have AMAZING self pleasure sessions....

Do you ever wish that your partner would “take more time” in bed? 

Do you long for slow, delicious sex?  

Do you wish the “main event” were less of a “wham-bam-thank you mam” and more of a sensuous journey of exploration and anticipation while you floated on waves of oceanic bliss? 

I have another question for you.   

What are your self pleasure practices like?  That’s right.  Do you practice self pleasure foreplay for yourself?  Or do you go for gold with the first stroke?  Do you self pleasure the same way every single time?  

Hmmm.... yeah, me too.  

Until the other day.   I took my time.   Self pleasure foreplay.   And it was SO GOOD!!  

The thing about foreplay (and all sexual pleasure, really) is that if you don’t take the time to treat yourself, how can you expect someone else to do the same?  How can you ask for what you enjoy, for what really gets your kitty purring if you don’t check it out for yourself first?  

This type of exploration is SO IMPORTANT! Curious, mindful, pleasurable exploration of your own body has the power to rewire your relationship with touch and can help you learn so much about your body.   This is the 2nd Element of The Yoga of Desire - which is “Feeling || The Water Element”.   Touch, sensation, and awareness of how that impacts the way you feel is crucial to having an authentic expression of sexiness in the bedroom.  

Watch my latest youtube video (and while you are at it, subscribe to my channel and click like on the video if you agree that self pleasure foreplay is HOT!) and after you are done,, take a moment to download the self pleasure foreplay practice to follow along to next time you make a date with yourself!  

Click here to watch.

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The Yoga of Desire Masterclass - Happening on October 11th.

One of the things I hear often from women is how awkward they feel when they wear high heels, dress in fancy clothes, put on slinky lingerie or make themselves up in an attempt to feel sexy.  It doesn’t feel natural to them, and so they simply resign to thinking they must not have sex appeal.  

I also hear from many women who feel frustrated with their bodies.  They don’t love what they see when they look in the mirror and no amount of positive affirmations can seem to shift their deeply held belief that they are not sexy unless they look, act, and dress a certain way. 

I feel uniquely equipped to speak to this because I used to feel that way too.   I always wanted to feel sexy, but kept putting barriers in the way of actually feeling it.   

Excuses like: 

"when I lose weight"
"when I get some sexier new clothes"
"when I complete this pole dancing class"
"when I read this book"

etc. etc.   

What changed everything for me was hearing the Tantric Yoga author David Deida say that a woman’s sexiness doesn't come from the size of her body or her external appearance.   Her sexiness is something she embodies from deep within. 

From that day, I started to believe that I could be sexy and all I had to do was continue to practice yoga.  

Not the yoga you think (although, I will say that doing yoga poses certainly helps me connect to my inner glow).  The yoga I mean is the practice of creating a relationship with your body and your mind that allows you to identify, and integrate the parts of you that hold you back from knowing your innate inner beauty and radiance and empower the parts of you that KNOW exactly how  gorgeous you are on a soul level.   

This is the Yoga of Desire.  

Over the past several years teaching yoga I’ve discovered that yoga can be a deeply transformative practice and as I learn more about Tantra and modern neuroscience I’ve been able to create a program of Holistic Yoga that guides students into a new relationship with their body+ mind and it’s been pretty incredible to see the transformation they are experiencing in their lives as a result.  . 

The beauty of Holistic Yoga is that these tools work in multiple areas of your personal life and not just within the context of your yoga practice on the mat.   From your relationships, to love making, to building powerful sexy confidence you will know how to authentically EMBODY your soul deep natural radiance and beauty once you understand these five simple tools.  

“The Universe cannot resist authenticity” ~ Danielle Laporte

When you practice the 5 Elements of Holistic Yoga you will notice more connection to your intuition, your boundaries will become more evident and uncrossable, you will know your absolute YES from your not a chance NO, you’ll manage stress more effectively, and you’ll feel good, really good.   

Imagine.   Feeling sexy, and turned on by life itself.  


We start this journey together on October 11th.   I’d love to see you at the Masterclass live, because that’s where the magic happens... in the moment.   

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